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ayecon for iOS, pronounced "icon" or "ai-con", is the benchmark in iOS theming. ayecon was designed to utilize every single pixel in Apple's Retina display to the max.

Apple has done an amazing job with their iOS’s look and feel and that’s where ayecon based itself from. Still keeping somewhat of the iOS look and feel, this time, adding more details that you thought never existed from brighter colours, crisp textures that you can visually feel – everything.

In ayecon, every icon shares its own little story and every detail is surreal from the wood texture in the Photos’ icon, green felt in Game Centers’ icon, to the leather texture in the notes’ icon. ayecon comes preloaded with everything that you’ll ever want in a theme from over 100+ customized icons and auto-app mask (App Store and Cydia icons) to some user interface modification. Once you use this theme, converting back to stock just won’t be the same.

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What others have said:

"This is a beautiful theme."

"Your new theme ayecon looks amazing. Would donate a kidney just to get an early copy"
-Ryan Petrich (rpetrich)

"ayecon is gonna be the new benchmark for iOS theming!"
-Chris Simpson (apocolipse)

"This drops harder than Skrillex dropping the bass!"

"...a must have theme, even if you don’t like skeuomorphism"

ayecon comes preloaded with:

List of supported Cydia app icons & custom App Store icons coming soon

Video by Jeff at iDownloadBlog

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Recent Updates:

Version 1.1 (Friday November 21, 2014): Version 1.0.1 (Tuesday January 28, 2014): Version 1.0-2 (Tuesday January 21, 2014): Version 1.0-1 (Saturday January 18, 2014): Version 1.0 (Saturday January 18, 2014):


Q: I checked “ayecon StatusBar iOS 7” in WinterBoard but my signal and Wi-Fi icons haven’t changed, why?
A: WinterBoard currently does not delete the status bar cache file so the manually work around would be to navigate to: /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ and delete the following: images (folder) and version. Respring.

Q: Now that I have cleared the cache, how come the status bar works everywhere else but the Lock Screen?
A: Update/install the latest version (1.0-2), which adds the missing signal and Wi-Fi bars. Remember to clear the cache (read above) and respring.

Available now in Cydia Store Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod Touch 4/5 and iPad 3/4/mini