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ayecon for iOS, pronounced "icon" or "ai-con", is the benchmark in iOS theming. ayecon was designed to utilize every single pixel in Apple's Retina display to the max.

Apple has done an amazing job with their iOS's look and feel and that's where ayecon based itself from—still keeping the iOS look and feel but adding more details that you thought never existed such as brighter colours, crisp textures—everything.

In ayecon, every icon shares its own a little story and every detail's surreal from the fabric texture to the brushed metal volume scrubber. ayecon comes preloaded with everything that you'd ever want in a theme from over 50+ icons plus auto-app mask to full system user interface modifications. Once you use this theme, converting back to stock just won't be the same. (Best experience with the new iPad with its Retina display)

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What others have said:

"Your new theme ayecon looks amazing. Would donate a kidney just to get an early copy"
-Ryan Petrich (rpetrich)

"ayecon is gonna be the new benchmark for iOS theming!"
-Chris Simpson (apocolipse)

"This drops harder than Skrillex dropping the bass!"

"ayecon adds insanely detailed icons to the iPad"

"…effectively replacing Apple’s default iOS design with something new and fresh"
-Cult of Mac

"One of the best-looking themes of the year"

ayecon comes preloaded with:

  • System wide user nterface
  • Lock Screen design
  • Auto-app mask for App Store apps
  • 50+ masked/customized Cydia app icons
  • Switcher iPod buttons
  • Folders, Switcher and Notification Center background
  • Status bar icons
  • SMS/chatkit skin
  • PSD file (to create your own icons using ayecon's style)
  • SBSettings theme
  • and much, much more!

ayecon add-ons (exclusive and free for all ayecon users):

Video by Jeff (myjailbreakmovies) at iDownloadBlog

Recent Updates:

Version 1.3.2 (Friday March 1, 2013):
  • New wallpaper added
  • Auto-theme small App Store icons in Preference
  • Fixed small thumbnails in
  • Removed BackBoard images from UserInterface
  • More icons added
Version 1.2-1 (Sunday February 3, 2013):
  • iOS 6.0-6.1 compatible—yay!
  • Yes, compatible on all iPad, even iPad mini!
  • A new colourful {easter egg}—have fun finding it
  • "New" app banner should fit perfectly
  • Clock, App Store, iTunes, Cydia and Maps icons has been updated to match ayecon for iPhone version
  • Fixed pop up images that were displaying @2x on iPad mini
Version 1.1 (Monday August 13, 2012):
  • iOS 5.0.1 compatible
  • New wallpaper added
  • New user interface from iPhone version
  • New Messages icon
  • Fixed lockscreen notification box
  • More icons added
  • Revised several icons

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$1.99 for customers who purchased ayecon for iPhone/iPod touch.

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