Update 1.1
We want to thank you for your patience as we worked hard and tirelessly on this major update of Leaf for Twitter that we hope you will love:

  • Adds Timeline filters (mute or silence phrases, users, hashtags etc.)
  • Adds custom media player
  • Adds ability to delete entire direct message threads
  • Adds a clearer services status indicator to settings
  • Revisits composer autocompletion for accuracy and improved performance
  • Adjusts user profile layout preventing some users from accessing settings
  • Huge (and we mean HUGE) scrolling optimizations
  • Fixes crash when using 3D Touch on a non-loaded image
  • Fixes inability to zoom in/out on images after launching via 3D Touch
  • Fixes incorrect composer counter color
  • Fixes certain links from properly decoding
  • Fixes direct messages splitting into two threads when user changes username
  • Fixes no word wrapping in composer when using smallest font size
  • Fixes incorrect background banner size
  • Fixes rare profile crash involving URL links
  • Attempts to fix rare crash when viewing push settings
  • Other misc fixes

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