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It's already been 2 weeks since the initial launch of ayecon and already been receiving many emails, texts/iMessages, Twitter mentions and even phone calls about how amazing ayecon truly is—a benchmark.

A lot of customers can't even express how happy they are to have purchase ayecon, (some even wish it came stock on iOS—that would be something, huh?) so they contact me, sharing their home screen and how they're using ayecon. It's amazing how a theme like this can make such a big difference to one's home screen, it truly is magical. Above, you can see how the world is using ayecon, check it out (you might get some ideas as to how you can modify your home screen with ayecon)!

*Updated frequently

Available now in Cydia Store Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch 4 Compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5